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ICoN for the Foundation Course of the University of Pisa

ICoN offers the course “Italian0 - Beginner” to the students of the Foundation Course program of the AY 2021 - 2022 (University of Pisa). This course, completely online, is designed especially for absolute beginners students of Italian and is preparatory to the A1 level Italian course (Beginners level) that will begin in September 2021 at the Interdepartmental Linguistic Center (CLI).

Attending the online Italian course is necessary to prepare yourself in the best way to follow the Foundation Course program: in fact, the course provides the basics of Italian to students who have never approached this language.

Knowing the Italian language is essential to participate in campus life and successfully progress in your studies!

ICoN courses allow you to learn the Italian language effectively and in total autonomy, combining individual study with synchronous lessons.

The course in brief

Asynchronous individual learning

The course asks to do activities with automatic correction and with audio / video files or images as input.

These activities are structured in units and sessions and can be done independently, respecting the course schedule that the tutor will communicate.

In addition to the interactive teaching activities, the ICoN course includes various study files, which illustrate the grammar rules and contexts of use of the language.

During the course, the tutor will provide and assess the written and oral exercises.

Students will be enabled to access the course even after the conclusion of the learning activities.

Synchronous lessons

The course also asks students to participate in 10 synchronous lessons, whose duration is an hour and half each. The timetable will be communicated at the beginning of the course.

During these synchronous lessons, all the students will have the opportunity to interact with the tutor and with their coursemates in live audio video sessions.

Participating in the synchronous lessons is very important for the success of the course.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course, you will have a certificate of attendance if:

  • you have done all the activities with automatic correction by at least 6 out of 11 units
  • you have done at least 2 out of 5 exercises
  • you have attended at least 5 out of 10 synchronous lessons

In addition to these quantitative criteria, there are also some qualitative elements, which the tutor will take into account during the evaluation phase:

  • your participation in the forum and interaction with your coursemates
  • your achieved progress evidenced by the results of the Units and the exercises you have done and by the quality of the interaction in Italian with your coursemates / your tutor in the synchronous meetings and in the forum
  • the commitment and the interest you demonstrate and express in the course

What do you need

To participate in the course, you need to have a desktop / laptop / tablet and a connection to the Internet; headphones and a microphone are also required for the synchronous lessons. The use of smartphones is not recommended.

Organization and course schedule

Donwload the infographic - JPG format

Donwload the course schedule - PDF format

Donwload the access guide - PDF format